As Temps Soar in SoCal - Here's a NYT Climate Change Article from 1981

Yesterday, October temps in LA were higher than they've been in over 50 years! Today, temps are even higher, reaching 104 F! As talk of climate change ensures, check out this New York Times article dating back to 1981. 

To pull a quote:

"Roger Revelle, with the University of California in San Diego, said that the use of coal and oil at projected rates would double in 75 years the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, which causes the earth's atmosphere to retain the sun's heat through what is called the 'greenhouse effect.' ''

This is back in 1981 folks! At that time, Exxon was ironically conducting a lot of the groundbreaking research on climate change (a topic for a future blog!). Sadly, Exxon would later lead the campaign to refute climate science and cast climate denial. 

In short, knowledge of climate change is not new. We are now past the point of discussion. Action is needed!

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Shahir Masri
Doctor of Science
Environmental Health Science