Happy Earth Day! - Special Video

Hello blog world!

     Happy Earth Day 2016 to you all!! After a few month hiatus from blogging, I am overjoyed to report back to you as doctor of science! Yes, after many years in grad school, I have successfully defended and submitted my dissertation =) Aka the long road has ended, and a new chapter has opened. And what better day to return to the blogging world than Earth Day?! It’s only the funniest coincidence that the end of my long road as a student of environmental science has reached its climax on this particular day, Earth Day! Yes, my dissertation was officially due to the Registrar today. A suitable conclusion date to say the least!

      To shed light on important news, today also marks a very special Earth Day for the international community and world as it relates to climate change. Today at the United Nations headquarters in New York, representatives from 175 nations have gathered to sign the historic Paris Climate Accord. Following years of U.N. climate negotiations, this marks a critical first step in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Importantly, the treaty is non-binding. However, drawing from history, this does not necessarily render it less effective. Rather, because it is non-binding, nations from across the globe have joined the table. And with voluntary reduction targets and annual follow up, we have finally set in motion important and widespread climate action. Actions and future commitments will only strengthen in time.
         Finally, given this wonderful Earth Day, what better time to debut my first public service announcement (PSA)?? This PSA, titled “Help Save the Oceans with the Beach Boys,” advocates for the cleanup and prevention of water pollution, and is set to display on cable networks and city website throughout the country! Importantly, garbage and chemical waste run-off affects more than just the beauty of our rivers, lakes, and oceans. It damages marine life, threatens aquatic ecosystems, and even works its way into the human body through fish consumption. It’s therefore critical to dispose of waste properly and encourage others to do the same.
        Shedding light on this issue is something I am proud to be a part of. I owe an enormous thank you to Frank Lane at COLAnow.org for inviting me aboard this project. His committed efforts are what made this PSA possible. And a big thanks to the classic rock band The Beach Boys for taking part in our important message! Without further delay, I present to you...

Help Save the Oceans with the Beach Boys

Please help spread awareness of this issue by sharing this video on Facebook and other media outlets! It can be your earthly Earth Day deed! :D For more information, visit COLAnow.org.

Also, be sure to join this blog! Simply click “join this site” at the top right of this page, log into your account, and click “follow publicly.”  Thanks and happy Earth Day!!!

                                                                                                  -Shahir Masri, S.D. 


  1. This is wonderful news and I completely agree that non-binding does not necessarily make this accord less effective. A binding accord would most likely require each country to put the accord through its own political hoops before committing to a binding agreement. Non-binding would allow each country to act on its own word and more than likely, each delegate representing their country would not want to be representing a nation that is not good on its word. Also, each nation can work at its own pace.
    In a May article in the Pasadena Star News Paper, the city of Arcadia indefinitely postponing the plastic bag ban in grocery stores. They will let the issue be up to the voters in this the November 2016 state election. SB270 would have put stop of plastic bags statewide; however, before it could go into effect, enough people petitioned to have the issue placed on the ballot instead. One of the arguments against the ban is that an Environmental Impact Report was not thoroughly done to see what an increase of the use of paper bags would do to the environment. Proponents of the bill are arguing that an EIR with such statistics assumes people will be opting for the paper bag alternative rather than reusable bags.
    Would anyone know of an EIR studying the increase of use of paper bags? We know plastic bags pollute and harm the environment by ending up in oceans and rivers. How about the use of oil, trees, and other resources to produce paper bags? Which one is more harmful to the environment?

  2. I did not know about the Paris Climate Accord. Reading about this treaty makes me think that all nations are aware of the problems we are having with global warming. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower the earths heat by at least 2 degrees by year 2100 is very optimistic.
    After the signing and the nations have ratified this treaty into laws in their own countries, will there be a checks and balance to see if they are doing their part to make sure that every nation is in accordance with the Paris Climate Accord Treaty? Why is it a "Non-Binding" Treaty?

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