Happy Summer - With New Topics to Come! =)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer! I know mine has been busy transitioning back to California after graduating and moving home from Boston. I’m super excited though to return to the blogging world this fall, with a bunch of new topics to discuss. You’ll probably notice this blog has begun to incorporate quite a bit of nutrition as I’ve become more passionate about shedding light on “total” health as opposed to simply chemical-induced toxicity. I hope you like this change. It is for everyone’s benefit. I will continue to blog in both areas now moving forward. Some topics you can look forward to over the following months include:
  • Cosmetics – How to avoid toxic ingredients
  • The politics of the USDA Food Pyramid
  • The role of potatoes in your diet
  • Sunscreen – Better or worse than the sun? How do brands differ?
  • Got calcium? – Why milk isn’t the answer
  • Climate Change - Understanding the science

If you have additional topics you’d like me to cover, please let me know in the comments section below!! :D  And be sure to “follow” this blog, otherwise you'll be unable to leave comments.
                                              Shahir Masri
                                              Doctor of Science
                                              Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health 

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