Chemtrails Part 2 - Government Conspiracy or Public Chemspiracy?

       Before getting into Part 2 of this chemtrails blog series, I want to remind the reader that I write these articles as a public health advocate and proponent for the environment. There are sadly a number of public health and environmental atrocities that occur each day, and which we should most certainly be concerned about. That said, it is important that we don't get so carried away with pointing our fingers as to identify atrocities that don't really exist. This is a waste of energy that can be usefully directed to important issues. As for chemtrails, lets again dissect some of the claims one at a time, and decide afterwards if this is anything more than mere public conspiracy. Or as I've referred, "chemspiracy."

Chemtrails as a Government Conspiracy

       It is first important to note that chemtrails do not need to be visible to be toxic. In fact, most chemical air pollution is invisible in the environment (i.e. ozone, carbon monoxide, pesticides, CFCs, nitrogen dioxide, VOCs). In other words, if you want to believe that airplanes are intentionally spraying chemical agents into the sky, the presence of a visible trail is entirely unnecessary. 
       Second, it is critical to realize that if the government or industry were trying to target the poor (as I’ve heard) or any other “experimental” populations, that there is no such thing as a “target” from ten-, twenty-, or thirty-thousand feet up. Perhaps bombs can hit targets from these altitudes, but a fine chemical spray cannot. Even at altitudes of one- or two-hundred feet air pollutants do not readily descend to the ground and onto local communities. This is the concept behind smokestacks on factories. They disperse pollutants. And this is why the Environmental Protection Agency’s law some years ago to require even higher factory smokestacks (to reduce local pollution) is recognized by scientists to have increased the regional (as opposed to local) pollution problem in the country. Because the pollutants, while missing local communities, were still carried by winds to other states and regions. Having said that, when it comes to “chemtrails,” particles of such size released at such altitudes would not have a shot in hell of landing on any target community, but rather would enter large-scale jet streams and other winds, spreading homogeneously around the globe and not settling to the earth for weeks to come. This is not a hypothesis. This is particle physics, which is well understood in atmospheric chemistry. So if the government were trying to control the public by mind-altering chemicals or poisonous gases, or otherwise affect the population through chemtrails, it would necessarily be inflicting the same consequences on itself. 
       As to the claim that “chemtrails” are simply a government/industry way to dispose of hazardous waste, I can assure you that there are much more cost effective ways of disposing of such waste than putting it on a jet engine and flying it around the sky. And there are also much more secretive ways of doing so that do not involve advertising it over the public in broad daylight. Finally, when proponents of the chemtrails theory are asked why scientists aren't talking about this, the explanation is usually that they are "in" on the conspiracy. I will try to refrain from mockery, but really?? Thousands of scientists from all over the world are all successfully keeping chemtrails a secret? Watergate leaked in months with only a few people involved, yet thousands of people have kept chemtrails a secret for decades? Something as large as a global chemtrails experiment wouldn't remain secret for a day! And would so many scientists really be willing to accept secrecy and complacency at the expense of their own health and the health of their families and loved ones? These are the very same people who have blown the whistle on government and industry countless times in the past. Need I say more..?

Aluminum in the Soil

       It has been alleged that high aluminum concentrations in surface soils are proof of heavy metal atmospheric spraying. As an air pollution researcher, I can tell you that if you want to learn about chemicals in the air, then you measure the air. Not the soil. That said, there is more than an ample amount of scientific air pollution literature, including a soon-to-be-published study of my own, that documents the types of pollutants we measure in the atmosphere. And true, aluminum is one of them. So is vanadium, nickel, mercury, cadmium, iron, zinc, lead, etc. Metals are all over the atmosphere. They are kicked up from the soil by winds as well as emitted directly into the air by human activity. In fact, I can’t think of a single pollutant in the sky that can’t be traced back to a known human or natural source.
       Pollutants don’t get much more neurotoxic than mercury, nor do they get more carcinogenic than dioxin. Yet, waste incineration and fossil fuel burning are constantly injecting these chemicals into the air we breathe. And NOT at twenty or thirty thousand feet, but at ground level in and around our communities! This brings us to a troubling realization regarding the previous topic; that the government doesn't need to conspire to pollute our air, because our own actions and the actions of industry are already doing it…and not in secret, but in the wide open, and with citizen approval (or lack of protest). That is, the cars we drive, the trash we burn, the types of foods we eat, and the types of industries we support through our purchasing decisions are the real players driving air pollution. My earlier blog (http://shahirmasri.blogspot.com/2011/10/conserving-energy-for-better-health.html) provides some tips on reducing pollution through energy conservation.
       In the 1960’s, a grassroots movement was initiated by Americans who were sick of pollution and environmental destruction. This movement translated to the sweeping environmental laws of the 1970’s and the establishment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. As a result, our air and water quality improved dramatically. If today we are sick of the latest chemical threats to our health and environment, then we need to once again mobilize and put pressure on our government and industry. Or at least identify and get involved with groups such as the Sierra Club that are already doing so. It is critical, however, that we focus our passion and energy on issues that are truly threatening our health, of which there are many (i.e. fossil fuel combustion, agricultural pollution, unregulated use of chemicals in cosmetics and other products). NOT “chemtrails.”
       As is hopefully becoming clear, when chemtrail claims are broken down and scrutinized at face value, the theory breaks down as well, becoming little more than unfounded conspiracy. The only claim surrounding chemtrails that I have found to have any merit whatsoever is that related to geoengineering, which I will discuss in my final chemtrails blog next week. Until then, stay green!

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                                                                                                                     -Shahir Masri, M.S.


  1. Hello professor- this is Isac Castro from your March 2016 Environmental Health Class. After reading these articles, I found it interesting how these "chemtrails" are actually just vapors that are being released in the air caused by moisture in the air and not some sort of government conspiracy of dumping more toxic pollutants in the air. One particular item of note that I found interesting is how pollutants are being introduced into the atmosphere at the level we breath and not at 30,000 feet which is the average flight of plane. My question for this article is how did people come to the conclusion of this being a government conspiracy? Was there any evidence at all suggesting that there was merit to this theory?

  2. I’ve always wondered what the chemtrails were because every day when I look up in the sky you can see at least two or more a day. I never thought that it was a government cover up to drop toxins on the American people. I always thought it was some sort of vapor trail caused by the airplanes wing. I’m interested in seeing the next post on chemtrails.

    My question that I have is how are the chemtrails actually formed?


    1. Hi Aaron,

      Great question! I never thought and believed that chemtrails was a conspiracy to disperse toxins on Americans. According to Thayer (2000), “chemtrails look like contrails initially, but are much thicker, extend across the sky and are often laid down in varying patterns of Xs, tick-tack-toe grids, cross-hatched and parallel lines; instead of quickly dissipating, chemtrails expand, drip feathers and mare s tails and in 30 minutes or less, they open into wispy formations which join together, forming a thin white veil or a fake cirrus-type cloud that persists for hours”. Contrails are “clouds formed when water vapor condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust, some of that water vapor comes from the air around the plane; some is added by the exhaust of the aircraft and the exhaust of an aircraft contains both gas (vapor) and solid particles which are important in the formation of contrails” (NASA, 2015). I recommend reading this article as well: http://www.weathermodification.org/contrailvchemtrail.pdf

      Hope this answers your question!

      Chioma Nnolim


      The Contrail Education Project: Contrail Science. (2015, August, 10 ). retrieved March 22 2016, from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Web Site: http://science-edu.larc.nasa.gov/contrail-edu/science.php

      Thayer, T (2010, October, 14). Chemtrails - Frequently Asked Questions. retrieved March 22 2016, from Rense Web Site: http://www.rense.com/general4/fre.htm

  3. 1. This is the first I am hearing of the "chemspiracy", and I am finding it interesting. I had no idea that there was such controversy and conspiracy about this. I did not realize people thought specific neighborhoods and communities were being targeted.
    2. I grew up near Flint, MI, where the city was exposed to high amounts of lead in their water. The cover up on that was blown fast. If something this large is supposedly being covered up, how and why do they think it is happening? Are there specific organizations that are promoting this conspiracy?

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  5. Is this a cover up page!!!! Back in 2005 Government said YES!! In order to reduce global warming they were dropping reflective chemical to reflect sun away. Odd that scientist at colleges collected samples, and found that along with reflective chemicals and left over power plant waste to create a form of smog to filter the sun, was a spider Web like silicon infused with nanotechnology. Proof was collected from air and grass samples in the U.S.A. and itally and compared, it was found to be almost identical in chemical nature. Theyou found that this nanotechnology could be absorbed by the skin and vegetation. Now we are polluting the earth atmosphere even more to prevent global warming. Why is the question. Maybe it is about the nanotechnology they didn't tell us about. Open your eyes research!!! Your only told 1% of the truth. Ask why did cali fires only start along the areas of new high speed train where people wouldn't sell the property!! Fire damage matches perfect to train map. Why are residents in cali asking about blue beams coming from sky and all metal abject catching fire 1st but being blamed on faulty house meters, Yeah!!! Research that.

  6. Almost forgot. You may study air pollution, but the chemicals are made to fall to earth just like crop dusting. The chemicals are made lighter to be carried over a larger area by the wind. Contrails are natural and fall apart quickly chemtrails last for hours. Almost all pilots will tell you that.

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