Hot Talk Revivals - Vaccines and Autism

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I want to thank you all for your readership over the years! While blogging I of course notice greater popularity of some topics over others. With that said I'd like to introduce a new feature of this blog titled "Hot Talk Revivals" through which I'll bring back a selected "hot talk," or popular blog, from the past with each coming season. Any new thoughts on the topic? Have you applied any health tips? If so, how'd it go? Or if you're new to the Toxic Talks Blog, Hot Talk Revivals will be your opportunity to catch up on the Talks! 

For our first Revival, the Hot Talk I've chosen is an article I coincidentally wrote nearly five years ago today! Titled "Vaccines and Autism," this piece dives into the controversy surrounding vaccines as a potential cause of autism. View the article below: 

As a brief followup to this article, it's worth mentioning that the field of environmental health continues to make headway in uncovering the etiology of autism. That is, scientists have not been content in accepting an unknown cause of autism. They have pressed forward towards other potential environmental causes for autism. One suspected cause is air pollution. In fact, studies coming out of my former department at Harvard have begun to show this connection (Roberts et al. 2013; Roberts et al. 2015). Check them out! Of course more studies are needed before we can draw firm conclusions, but the results are nonetheless fascinating.

Debate we hear now relating to vaccines and autism is largely residual debate confined to public and political circles. It bears no reflection of the current state of public health research. The scientific community has moved on to other hypotheses. Now let us all move on.

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